Surveyor Field Representative

TEAM Energy Resources are currently recruiting for a Surveyor Field Representative for an onshore project in Algeria.

Location: Algeria
Duration: 12 Months
Contract Basis: Contract
Format: Rotational

Full Description

Responsible for monitoring Seismic Contractor compliance with agreed survey and positioning procedures and contractual requirements, reporting to the Lead Field Representative.

This Role Profile applies to the Surveying Field Representative for all categories of onshore seismic data acquisition.

The role of the SFR is to monitor contractor compliance with agreed survey and positioning procedures during Stage 6 of a MoGO project. The delivery of these requirements is completed in collaboration with the project team.


The Surveyor Field Representative is responsible for monitoring the survey and positioning aspects of field operations. The role is field based.

The Surveyor Field Representative contributes to the MoGO deliverables for:

  • Start-up orientation meeting
  • Auditing and acceptance activities during mobilisation 
  • Ensure the Contractor uses the coordinate reference system and vertical datum adopted for the seismic project as required by Client. 
  • Undertake the survey QC in order to provide horizontal position, azimuth and vertical control within the survey area. 
  • Ensure that the Contractor uses the existing survey control in the vicinity of the survey area, which shall first be agreed with the Client.
  • Supervise the technical execution of the geophysical surveys, positioning of receivers, vibratos and calibration of instruments etc. Survey Project Management, Survey Supervision & QC, Survey Positioning QC Survey control points (both primary and additional) shall be observed using static differential or precise point positioning GPS observations.  Real time kinematic (RTK) checking points shall be observed by static or by rapid static methods. GPS baselines shall be processed with the latest version of the instrument manufacturer’s processing software, Position accuracy shall be assessed on the basis of the results/error analysis of a successful minimally constrained least squares network adjustment
  • Monitor and supervise of Contractor operations
  • Post-appraisal meetings
  • Lessons Learned 
  • Prepare a draft report describing all the activities and methods used during the control survey and including station descriptions of all stations involved in the control survey and delivers it to the Client within five days of completing all field work associated with the control survey.  
  • Write the final report and deliver it to the Client within four weeks of completing all the field work associated with the control survey. 


  • 20+ years of Surveying, Positioning and 5+ years on Surveyor supervision of onshore seismic acquisition crews.
  • Experience on managing and supervising large onshore seismic operations, High Productivity Source Acquisition (ISS, DS3 or similar) and multi-cultural teams is a must.
  • Experience on stake less surveying is a must.

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